Wellbeing in the workplace

Wellbeing in the workplace

We aim to create lasting change in the performance of your employees by addressing their work, relationship and life issues at their root.

Our approach is proven to:

  • increase productivity,
  • enhance engagement and loyalty,
  • build resilience by teaching employees how to manage stress depression and anxiety,
  • improve team morale and commitment,
  • reduced presentee-ism and absenteeism,
  • increase retention,
  • give your business approving return on your investment.

Workplace wellbeing workshops

In a series of 90 minute workshops we provide your employees with a set of tools that will build resilience, improve work/life balance and increase loyalty, teamwork and engagement.

They will:

  • help them to develop a healthy perspective;
  • coach them to work smarter;
  • develop their potential;
  • give them tools to clear their minds and improve focus;
  • support them to deal with distracting issues;
  • free their minds so they are fully present when at work.

One to one sessions

We offer confidential one-to-one sessions to provide individuals with a set of tools that will give them greater resilience improve work/life balance and create healthier relationships at work.

They can take these tools away and use them regularly as a self-development exercise or bring them into use at particularly challenging times and when feeling under pressure.

Different people can need different things from their one-to-one sessions so they are tailored to suit each person.

We can help people explore and reconcile present and past issues affecting their emotional well-being.

We will equip them with techniques to free up their mind so they can be more fully present at work and more able to switch off when they are not.

We can help people to develop a more resilient approach, work smarter and realise their potential workshops.

About us

At Absolute Specialists Wellbeing,  we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to self-improvement; each session is completely tailored to the person taking part.

Our method

Our therapeutic approach centres around a selection of clinically-proven psychological techniques. We provide a holistic wellbeing toolbox which is tailored to the individual.