Who supports you, the carer?

Covid19 is adding to the pressure on carers and care workers. We can give you up to 3 free online sessions to offload and learn a technique to let go of trauma, exhaustion and emotional overwhelm.  Call us now to arrange a session: 07984115927.

The Covid 19 outbreak is a challenging time for carers and care workers. Are you getting support to help with the extra exhaustion, sense of isolation and even grief and trauma that will be adding to your usual burden?

Most carers and care workers feel undervalued, isolated and exhausted at the best of times. The Covid 19 outbreak has made things harder. You may be isolating at home and with your dependent 24/7 with no respite or you may be working in the community or in a care home and seeing the effects of this virus on your clients first-hand. This could lead to overwhelming emotions and trauma that you are having to ignore so you can soldier on.

You can only take so much! You deserve some ‘me’ time to rest and recuperate. 

The next priority is to work through some of the emotions that have been building up. We are here to help.

We can offer a listening ear, techniques to free you from pent up feelings and we can teach you a self-help emotional wellbeing toolkit that you can use when you need it. send an email using the link below and we will sort it.

We are a social enterprise delivering an emotional wellbeing toolkit to the corporate sector and individuals in the community. In response to the Covid 19 crisis we have moved the service online and are offering free sessions to carers and care workers. All our practitioners are trained in the Focussed Mindfulness Method™ (FMM): an innovative intervention that brings speedy relief from trauma and emotional overwhelm. We are part funded by Kirklees Council.

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