Our Emotional Wellbeing Toolkit Benefits 90%

90% of clients benefit from our emotional wellbeing toolkit

It its hard to believe that Absolute Specialists Wellbeing has been operating for two years! We now have 9 practitioners sharing the Focussed Mindfulness Method (FMM)  with people across West Yorkshire. And we are delighted to report that over 90% of our clients have benefitted.

Focussed Mindfulness can help people with many different life and health challenges but the approach is always the same. Our practitioners listen deeply to their client and then introduce a technique that will help them with whatever they are challenged with at the time. Best results are seen when the technique is practiced at home after the session, and over 5 sessions clients will have collected a personalised toolkit that they will have to hand whenever they need it.

Our funding means we have had opportunities to work with various groups and communities, including people who self-harm – part of a suicide prevention drive funded by NHS England – and home carers who belong to different ethnic groups funded by Kirklees ‘Do Something Now’ initiative.

We have measured changes in over 130 clients by using a personalised outcome measure. The results  are simply wonderful – over 90% felt that one symptom was significantly better after 3-5 sessions and 40% not only felt significantly better, but were enjoying activities more and have a greater sense of wellbeing.

The commonest challenges to show improvement were anxiety, grief and low confidence; and almost everyone felt more able to resume activities they enjoy as a result of their work with us.

Our anonymous feedback was equally encouraging. One client reported that they really enjoyed the sessions and they really helped them in day to day life. Another was grateful for the support, they found it inspiring and learned that they could really help themselves. They said “I feel more confident and this makes me both calmer and more energised. Also I have a better understanding of what triggers my stress, I feel stronger and have now started physiotherapy for a pain problem which I had been putting off. I feel I have gained an enormous amount.” 

We are now beginning to work face to face with clients and hope soon to operate from GP surgeries across Kirklees. We are also looking to work in schools and colleges after an encouraging pilot.

If you would like us to support you, either as an individual or organisation please get in touch.