Self-harming? We are here for you.

Self-harming? We are here for you! WhatAapp us to talk to an experienced practitioner and get some tools that really help to make you feel more able to cope. 07725425727 Message us now Did you know that 50% of people who self-harm do not reach out for help? We are here for you! Just send […]

AS Wellbeing Sessions Reduce Anxiety

ASWellbeing sessions significantly reduce anxiety, low mood, exhaustion and frustration in just 3 sessions Wow! We knew we got good results, but the figures show that they aren’t just good, they are amazing! We asked 70 people who came to AS Wellbeing for some emotional wellbeing sessions  to tell us at the start what they […]

Support for Carers News

The Absolute Specialists Wellbeing team offers a listening ear to support carers who are finding their lives difficult at the moment due to isolation and other challenges brought by the Covid19 epidemic. We offer a friendly ear and a chance to share your problems, but more than that, we teach techniques that give you a […]

Our Emotional Wellbeing Toolkit Benefits 90%

90% of clients benefit from our emotional wellbeing toolkit It its hard to believe that Absolute Specialists Wellbeing has been operating for two years! We now have 9 practitioners sharing the Focussed Mindfulness Method (FMM)  with people across West Yorkshire. And we are delighted to report that over 90% of our clients have benefitted. Focussed Mindfulness […]

Jodie Got Some Help

Jodie is 24, they were self harming, felt hopeless and hated themselves. They reached out to our self-harm support service and found it made them see things differently. They can often find healthier ways to deal with their negative thoughts now. This is their story of their experience.  They reached out to our WhatsApp helpline “I […]

Introducing The Focussed Mindfulness Method ™

The Focussed Mindfulness Method ™ is a set of guided visualisations and exercises that reduce the impact that past trauma and other memories, which can be unconscious, have on physical wellbeing and mental health. It offers freedom from shock and fear responses that drive anger, shame, blame, avoidance, despondency and disassociation. In effect it supports […]

Who supports you, the carer?

Covid19 is adding to the pressure on carers and care workers. We can give you up to 3 free online sessions to offload and learn a technique to let go of trauma, exhaustion and emotional overwhelm.  Call us now to arrange a session: 07984115927. Email a practitioner The Covid 19 outbreak is a challenging time […]