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AS Wellbeing : a social enterprise providing an emotional wellbeing toolkit.

We build emotional resilience and wellbeing using the Focussed Mindfulness Method (TM). Our mission is to make our toolkit  accessible to everybody; from young adults in education through complex, modern families to employees working for third sector and private companies. We focus on supporting individuals through group workshops and one-to-one sessions, supporting them to thrive in their workplace or wider community.

Our person-centred approach allows us to uncover  the root of  problems quickly and effectively. We then provide tools and techniques to  heal emotional wounds and allow people to move forwards with improved self-belief, resilience and clarity

About Absolute Specialists Wellbeing

Absolute Specialists Wellbeing,  we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to self-improvement; each session is completely tailored to the people taking part.

As a social enterprise, we want our workshops and one-to-one therapy sessions to be affordable and accessible to as many people as possible. We believe that improving emotional intelligence, confidence and resilience on an individual level will benefit communities as a whole.

Who We Are

Our team has a wealth of experience in many different areas of psychology, counselling, life coaching and wellbeing, they are all accredited Focussed Mindfulness MethodTM practitioners.  They create a safe space for clients and workshop delegates to explore their inner concerns and anxieties.

The Focussed Mindfulness Method is a blend of mindfulness, coaching and a set of guided visualisations and exercises that reduce the impact that past trauma and other memories, which can be unconscious, have on physical wellbeing and mental health. It offers freedom from shock and fear responses that drive anger, shame, blame, avoidance, despondency and disassociation. In effect it supports clients to let go of past pain leaving them more present, empowered, flexible and calm.

The method does not dwell on the difficulties experienced by clients but instead uses a body-based approach that works directly with feelings. Clients often feel a powerful shift in their sense of emotional wellbeing in a single, hour long session with a practitioner. They are then taught how to use the method for themselves when they need it and are also encouraged to develop a regular, body-based mindfulness practice as together the two approaches support continued improvement in their emotional health.

Results from our current work with carers who have sought help for, amongst other things, anxiety, exhaustion, low mood, anger, pain and grief show good results so far: 91% reported in an anonymous poll that they found the sessions helpful while 85% have experienced an improvement in their symptoms after 3 sessions with a practitioner.

Here is some of the feedback we received:

“I work for Carers Count Mental Health Team and we support Carers emotionally whose lives are impacted by someone they care for who has a diagnosis of mental health, drugs and alcohol misuse and dementia,  3 of our carers have accessed your service recently and have all told me how brilliant and beneficial this has been for them and how comfortable they have felt to be able to open up to your staff as a lot of the time they are worried / anxious about trying new services. I just wanted to inform you of this 😊,thank you”

“I appreciated being listened to and encouraged to try things that might help me.”

“Very friendly team- got in touch very quickly and responsive to needs.”

“Very professional and helped me to understand that grief and stress can be overcome.”

“Would certainly use the service again, learnt a lot of techniques, very useful. Thank you.”

Our Methods

To create an effective wellbeing toolbox, we draw from knowledge of transactional analysis (TA), cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), person-centred counselling, focussed mindfulness and coaching methods. Through combining these different methodologies, we’re able to adapt our sessions to each individual’s needs.

At Absolute Specialists Wellbeing, our therapeutic approach centres around a selection of clinically-proven psychological techniques. We provide a holistic wellbeing toolbox which is tailored to the individual. These practical tools allow our clients to build resilience, confidence and emotional balance and can be applied to personal, social or work-place situations.

We’ve worked with organisations (particularly within the healthcare industry and public services) where an individual’s negative experiences can have a long-term detrimental effect. Our practitioners are experienced in dealing with many types of emotional trauma including PTSD and  stress-related mental health conditions.

Our initial sessions are designed to get the root of emotional turmoil. This usually means that only a few sessions are required to determine the cause of limiting beliefs and behaviours and then quickly and effectively work on improving mindset and wellbeing.

Wellbeing in the community

We work with schools, charities and not-for-profit organisations as we believe this is the best route to reaching the people who need our wellbeing workshops and one to one support the most.

Wellbeing in the workplace

We aim to create lasting change in the performance of your employees by addressing their work, relationship and life issues at their root.

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Our centre is in Huddersfield and we cover West and South Yorkshire and parts of North Yorkshire including Leeds, Sheffield, Harrogate, Wakefied, Bradford, Skipton, Halifax, Barnsley and Doncaster.

Who We Are

We are accredited Focused Mindfulness practitioners and integrative coaches. We are fully trained, regulated and insured.

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“I have had a traumatic life but now I can rejoice in it and the lessons I have learned from it. It is amazing to be able to look back and to be grateful for my unhappiness – I am a survivor, but more than that, I am a survivor who can now enjoy her life, is still able to work and has a determination to pass this on.”

About us

At Absolute Specialists Wellbeing,  we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to self-improvement; each session is completely tailored to the person taking part.

Our method

Our therapeutic approach centres around a selection of clinically-proven psychological techniques. We provide a holistic wellbeing toolbox which is tailored to the individual.